Our services are characterized by an integral and effective support in most areas of Law, oriented to provide legal advice that bring practical solutions to the activities and needs from our clients.

Commercial and
Corporate Law

  • Advice on Import and Export of goods and services.
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Commercial Contracts.
  • Drafting and Negotiation of International Contracts.
  • Advice on Public Procurement.
  • Constitutional, Administrative and Public Law.
  • Real estate Law.
  • Development and Implementation of Internal Procedures (compliance, model of crime prevention, etc).
  • Project Finance.
  • Licence and Franchise Agreements.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • In-House Counseling.
  • Corporate Governance, including maintenance and updating of corporate books and power structure.
  • Foreign investment.
  • Consumer Protection Law.
  • Securities Market Law.
  • Conflict Negotiation, Prevention and Resolution.
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property Law.



  • Patrimonial and Investment Advice.
  • Contracts.
  • Constitutional, Administrative and Public Law.
  • Consumer Protection Law.
  • Real estate Law.
  • Migration Law.
  • Distribution of the Estate.
  • Inheritances.
  • Compulsory Bankruptcy Liquidation Proceeding.
  • Voluntary Bankruptcy Liquidation Proceeding.
  • Contractual liability and Tort Claims.
  • Wills and estate planning.


Labor Law

  • Training on Labor Legislation.
  • Individual and Collective Contracts.
  • Labor lawsuits.
  • Collective bargaining and collective agreements.
  • Administrative claims.
  • Internal Order, Health & Safety regulations of the Company.
  • Representation before the Labor Inspectorate and other administrative entities.


Tax and Customs
Legal Advice

  • Tax Structure and Operation Analysis and Diagnose.
  • Inheritance Tax.
  • Tax and Customs litigation.
  • Trade Patents.
  • Corporate Restructuring.
  • Administrative claims.
  • Tax Reform.



  • Out of Court Reorganization Agreements.
  • Judicial Reorganization Agreements.
  • Judicial and Out of Court Agreements.
  • Negotiation, Conflict Prevention and Resolution.
  • Compulsory Bankruptcy Liquidation Proceeding.
  • Voluntary Bankruptcy Liquidation Proceeding.
  • Estate Restructuring.
  • Internal and Administrative Restructuring Processes.
  • Debt Rescheduling and restructuring.



  • Commercial Contracts.
  • Corporate Law.
  • Project Finance.
  • Investments.
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property.


Regulatory Law

  • Administrative Contracts.
  • Water Law.
  • Environmental Law.
  • Health Law.
  • Environmental Oversight and Penalization.
  • Sanitary Oversight and Penalization.
  • Integrity and Transparency in Public Administration.
  • Administrative Procedure.
  • Limitations and Forced Expropriations of Real Estate.
  • Administrative Claims.



  • Arbitration and Mediation.
  • Civil Courts.
  • Commercial Procedures.
  • Family Courts.
  • Labor Courts.
  • Criminal Courts.
  • Tax and Customs Courts.


Commercial and
Financial Matters

  • Analysis of Short and Long Term Financial Load.
  • Commercial Analysis.
  • Analysis of Renegotiations with Financial and Banking Institutions.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Collection Alternatives to Clients.
  • Financing and Investment Alternatives.